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This section is for Questions & Answers as well as 3rd Party Resources

3rd Party Resources

This area is meant to be a resource for you, we have placed these websites on here because we believe in their service and think it would be beneficial for your business. We do not make money from them and do not provide support for their services either. They provide their own excellent support.

Online Ordering

Online ordering has never been so easy, you don’t even have to have a POS Sytem in order to use their service. This is the system restaurant owners have been waiting for! Check them out and see what they have to offer, you will be pleasantly surprised!!

Restaurant Management System

If you are looking for a great way to manage your restaurant when it comes to reservations, waitlist, guest book, and more then this is the application for you. This thing does all of that and more, say good bye to that expensive reservation service you may have!

Questions & Answers

Can the website have a way for my customers to order online?

Yes, there are two ways this can be done:

1. The, which we highly recommend, is a great low cost way to take orders online for your restaurant. We simply provide a link from your website that says “Order Online” that will take the customer to your Ordering.App page so they can place the order. You don’t even have ot have a POS System for this service.

2. If your existing POS System has the ability to order online we can have a link on your website that says “Order Online”. This link will take them to your existing POS setup and link them to a seperate page provided by your POS system provider. An example of this is Thrive POS.

Why are there no dollar signs on the online menu?

The answer is simple, a dollar sign indicates spending money. Research has been done showing that people will order more with out the dollar sign because without the dollar sign they aren’t spending money. Without the dollar sign guests still understand that the number is the cost of the menu item. Without the dollar sign is a more subtle way to communicate the price and keeps the guest focused on the experience and not the cost of the experience. We also suggest not using dollar signs on your physical menus either.

Do I have to have the prices on the online menu?

No, you do not have to have the prices on the online menu unless you want them there. The prices can be changed anytime you wish if you do have them on the online menu.

Is the website mobile friendly?

Yes, this website is mobile friendly!

What if I don’t offer spaecials or want a gallery?

No Problem, these sections can easily be removed from the design.  They can also be added later if you change your mind.

This page is not on the website, it is here to explain the menu options.